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need flash help

2008-10-22 21:56:17 by nncjsj

ok so the things listed on the list thingy i made isent coomin out to well

i need somone to teach me how to make flashes

so for right now im working on a way to convert my videocamera recording to SWF files or watever newgrounds file rule thingy is for now wait for

THE BORDER:a link in the flash

need flash help


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2008-10-22 23:17:07

Do not convert videos to SWF. Newgrounds is for flash movies and games, not for videos. So I'm not going to help you with that.

nncjsj responds:

thx man...........even tho the guy who made ash and the 2 towers probably did it
i was gonna to the vid with stuffed animals to yeah

thx fr the lecture